7SKYHOST revolutionize the web hosting industry with shared hosting, virtual private server, fully managed dedicated servers & now providing Tier-4 Innovation (An Extremely Fast, Reliable & Robust Platform).


Shared Hosting with cPanel

Our shared hosting platform comes with cPanel and cloudlinux to provide safe and secure hosting under shared environments. CloudLinux not only secures your data from other clients but also provides multiple php version support. Shared Hosting fully supports GD2, Imagemagick, FFMPEG and much more.

KVM Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Servers are still shared yet but enables you root access, so you can install and configure it according to your requirements. KVM gives you so far best and pure hardware based virtualization which ensure you guaranteed amount of CPU & Ram. VPS features like 1-click OS install gives a faster way to switch OS at any time.



Your Flavor of Server

Dedicated Servers are available of both Intel and AMD platform with wide range of models from 2 – 32 cores and flexibility of location (Europe or US). Moreover, our servers are available in both Windows or Linux platform. Flavors donot ends at Operating System only. You can choice your Control Panel, such as cPanel, Plesk, Webuzo, EHCPA� or even without any control panel.