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For more than 8 years, 7SKYHOST has been one of the established brands in the hosting industry. It was created with the concrete claim to offer small and medium-sized companies the desired hosting services to an optimal price – performance ratio. Since then, 7SKYHOST is constantly adapting their products spectrum to the new customer requirements with high commitment. We are now moving towards Managed Cloud Services such as Amazon AWS, Azure and Google Cloud which expands our team knowledge from System Engineer to DevOps Engineer. We are headquatered in Ukraine, however our plans for next year to have an official presence in Europe as well.

This site is owned and operated by Amir Murad

  1. 2017

    Technology Revised

    We have upgraded our core infrastructure to 10Gbps and provides the .

  2. 2016

    Closure of Services

    Our company has closed the sale of shared hosting platform and starting improving VPS infrastructure .

  3. 2015

    New Servers

    New Servers has been introduced which includes high end Intel Xeon Servers.

  4. 2014

    Three Steps Jump

    This year, cPanel Shared Hosting, KVM Based VPS and introducing wide variety of server products with flexibility of location (Europe or United States) . Our 4-tier Innovation is huge success for upcoming years.

  5. 2013

    Cluster Services

    This years with gain of more experience in web hosting industry by setting up cluster services for clients using ha-proxy, multiple webserver, remote mysql server and gluster-fs storage. 

  6. 2012

    Technology Revised

    We started moving to Nginx Web Server instead of Apache and change in network infrastructure of the company. Server Hardware were upgraded to newer technology as well. Servers will increased to more than 20 with hundreds of new shared hosting clients as well.

  7. 2011

    Started Dedicated Servers

    7SKYHOST in about 2-3 months time span, started dedicated servers successful start with 2 servers clients and expanded journey of web hosting company to several more shared & dedicated server clients .

  8. 2010


    Started Web Hosting operations on 25th of November 2010. A shared hosting platform based on Ubuntu Server, EHCP Control Panel with Apache environment and only counting of 4-5 customers.