Why Us Good Reason To Be With Us.

7SkyHost is leading web hosting industry which delivers best services to all its customers. 7SkyHost only one of few web hosting companies which does not believe in term “unlimited disk space” and provides fair policy to all its customer.

Those hosting companies which provides unlimited disk space and everything totally unlimited have their hidden limitations which are never mentioned on their websites. Some of limitations are as inode limit, CPU Limitations and SQL connections restrictions.

Inode limit:
The account islimited to 50,000 files. If you have an ecommerce store with a few thousand products, youa��ll exceed this limit in no time. With 7SkyHost, its not inodes we limit, instead we give the exact gigabytes of space to store the data.

CPU restrictions
The amount of CPU resources is severely restricted (percentage, cycles, impact, etca��). Any modest amount of traffic to your blog or online store could result in your site being down or limited to the point of it being unusable.

SQL restrictions
SQL restrictions allow user to query upto allowed MySQL connections and at this limit website shows Server Reached max MYSQL connections.

Why we are different?

  • 7SkyHost provides all shared accounts with limited disk space as per respective packages mentioned in our website. We do not have any inodes restriction.
  • 7SkyHost provide provides unlimited bandwidth for website such as e-commerce, blog and forum websites but not for streaming audio/video content on enterprise scale like (youtube, vimeo, grooveshark) or image hosting website. You can contact us and get a quote for enterprise scale projects which consumes huge amount of bandwidth. However, few of our lower end shared hosting packages have bandwidth limitations as described clearly on website.
  • 7SkyHost does not restrict SQL Queries restriction on our shared hosting platform and using separate fast SSD servers to ensure maximum performance.
  • 7SkyHost do have CPU and Physical Memory limitations on all shared hosting account to make sure that entire server wont go down if any client executes some heavy process in server. However, these limits are not small values (CPU with multiple core and Ram with 512MB to 2GB) depending on the package which allows to handle above 100 online users at once on our shared platform. Our Tier-4 Innovation makes shared hosting platform a really robust platform and you will experience like hosting website on dedicated server.
  • Our new feature will help you choose your own required php (4 and 5) versions. This means we are supporting multiple php versions on shared hosting platform.

How we provide better service?

7SkyHost never overload servers on shared environments by hosting thousands of customer per server. We host customers upto certain limit and then instead of overloading the server, we install another server and separate the load of servers. Faster hosting service and reliable support is always key feature of 7SkyHost.

Point to remember

Shared Hosting is still shared access of resources and are meant to hosting only small to mid size traffic. For high traffic volume VPS or Dedicated Servers are always required.

Limits are a good thing

When clearly defined disk space and bandwidth limits are known, ita��s easy to know what you can and cannot do with your account. It gives you boundaries for how to setup and use your site, and be able to have it run fast and always be available if you remain within those boundaries.

A good host that sets realistic limits will always allow any client to make full use of their space and bandwidth without fear of being suspended, or their usage interrupted.